4 Expert Views on the 2021 Housing Market

4 Expert Views on the 2021 Housing Market

Four expert views on the 2021 housing market. Many Americans are worried about another crash 💥 like we saw in 2006, because of the housing frenzy we are now in being very similar prior to the crash in 2006. So what are the experts actually saying 🗣 about the market? Hi, I’m Natasha Carroll with Natasha Carroll Realty. I want to share with you some of the quotes from real estate interest-free experts, to help sum up what to expect. Lawrence Yen, Chief Economics of the National Association Realtor says and I quote, “In 2021, I think rates will be very similar or modest, modestly higher, maybe 3%, so mortgage rates will continue to be historically favorable.” 

And Danielle Hill, Chief Economics of realtor.com says “We expect sales to grow 7%, and prices to rise another 5.7% on top of 2020’s already high levels.” And what about Senior Vice President and Chief Economics of the National Association of Home Builders 🛠 ? He says and I quote, “With home building confidence near record highs, we expect continued gains for single family construction, albeit, at a lower growth rate in, then in 2019.” Some slowing of new home sales growth were occurred due to the fact that a growing share of sales has come from homes that have not even started construction. Nonetheless, buyer traffic will remain strong given favorable demographics, a shifting geography of housing demand to lower density markets, and historically low interest rates. So, if you’re thinking about selling or buying or taking advantage of the market this winter, reach out to us here at Natasha Carroll Realty. We are always here to help, and remember, have an awesome home buying and selling day.

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