4 Ways to Up Your Curb Appeal When Selling Your House in Houston

First impressions are everything – you never get a second chance to create a great first impression. And when you’re selling your house, the thing that creates a great first impression for buyers is curb appeal. Whether potential buyers are viewing your home in person or in online listing photos, the outside of your home and yard must look their absolute best. Read on, then, to discover 4 ways to up your curb appeal when selling your house in Houston.

1. Paint or Replace the Front Door

One of the best and most affordable things you can do to increase your curb appeal when selling your house in Houston is to paint or replace the front door. It’s something that all potential buyers will see, and if it looks good, it will help create a good first impression.

An attractive front door can increase your home’s value in buyers’ eyes, and, as a result, it will yield a good return on the investment. And if it just needs repainting, that’s something you can likely do yourself, and you’ll just be out the cost of the paint. If you do need to replace the front door, you are still likely to recoup the cost of professional installation.

2. Work on Landscaping 

You probably know that when selling your house, you should spruce up the landscaping. But did you know that well-landscaped homes can sell for 1% to 10% more than homes lacking landscaping? So it is definitely worth the time and money invested.

Full-blown professional landscaping can run you from $3,000 to $15,000, depending on the extent of the project. But you really don’t have to pay that much because there’s so much you can do yourself, for example . . . 

  • Strategically placing potted plants
  • Laying down new mulch in beds
  • Trimming shrubs and trees
  • Mowing and string trimming the lawn
  • Removing weeds and dead branches

3. Clean the Driveway, Walkways, and Windows

And if you really want your curb appeal to sparkle when selling your house in Houston, you should clean the driveway, walkways, and windows. This is something buyers will notice.

You can rent a power washer to get grease and oil spots off the driveway and dirt off the walkways. They’re inexpensive to rent and easy to operate.

Windows are very often a focal point for potential buyers, so you need to make sure they sparkle. Clean all the windows to remove streaks, dirt, and dust to make them look good from the outside and to let more light into the inside. If you choose to hire the cleaning done, it will run you only about $200.

4. Put Some Furniture in the Outdoor Spaces

If you have any outdoor living spaces like a deck or patio, don’t leave them empty. It may cost you a little, but when selling your house, you should have some outdoor furniture in the spaces. 

Livable outdoor space is a top priority for many buyers, especially since so many of them are spending more time at home since the advent of COVID. Populating these spaces with some furniture will make them more appealing to buyers. It will also allow potential buyers to envision themselves using and enjoying these outdoor spaces.

Lean on Your Agent’s Expertise When Selling Your House

Really, it’s hard to overstate the importance of curb appeal. If you want potential buyers to want to go inside and see more – and then make an offer – you simply have to create a great first impression of the outside of your home. And your Houston agent can help you do that because she will know what buyers in your market are looking for and how to appeal to them. So if you plan on selling your house in Houston, be sure to contact us at (832) 346-7631.

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