Real Estate IS Smoking Hot

Real Estate IS Smoking Hot

Ah, real estate is going bonzo. So what’s happening locally in the real estate market? Should you buy❓ Should you sell❓ Should you wait❓ ♪ Should you stay or should you go now? ♪ Definitely, definitely not a singer. Well, let’s look at what the data is telling us. Hi, I’m Natasha Carroll with Natasha Carroll Realty. In Houston we only have 1.6 month supply of inventory. That is considerably low. That means if no more homes come on the market, it would probably take less than a month to sell all the homes. 

II’ve never seen numbers that low in all the years I’ve been in the industry. The average days on the market dropped ⬇️ from 68 to 48. Now remember, that is average days. We are seeing homes go pending much quicker than that. I do advise you to leave your home active for several days so that you have an opportunity to get the highest quality offer. If you take an offer too soon, you may lose out on other offers that are coming your way. The medium home price of single family homes is 275,900. And the average sale price is 349,963. Homes are going pending in less than 12 days and in some case, I’ve seen less than three days. So when I get asked what’s the market like in Houston and the surrounding areas? Well, I say, it is smoking hot 🔥. We are your community market leaders here. So give us a call here at Natasha Carroll Realty and we’re always here to help. And as always, have an awesome home buying and selling day.

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